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  • Set up your Company in the United Kingdom in less than 48 business Hours.
  • Business bank account with a bank of your choice
  • Physical company’s address in the heart of London and mail forwarding by email.
  • Complete office solution including a dedicated account manager.
  • Your company’s incorporation, legal, accounting and tax are managed by accredited UK firm

UK Company Formation Made Simple

Your company’s incorporation, legal, accounting and tax matters are all handled in a confidential and efficient manner by UK Qualified Consultants

Complete company application

Send us your proposed company details and the required documents using our secure and confidential company application online form.

Company is registered within 48 business hours

A consultant will review your application to ensure that all in order before registration.Once registered Read More
we will send you a welcome pack including all your company documentation

Bank account opening and additional services

We will submit your bank account application with your chosen bank and proceed with the set up of any additional services required
UK Incorporation Certificate and Share Certificate (proof of ownership) are sent as part of your incorporation pack. We can also arrange for the originals to be sent to you by a courier 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forming a company in the UK

Commonly asked questions in relation to legal structure, requirements and taxes in the UK

What are the benefits of setting up a company in the UK

The UK offers foreign businesses a stable political environment and friendly economic climate. A UK company will simply give you access to the financial capital of Europe while safeguarding your assets.

What are the requirements to form a company in the UK

A UK company must have at least one director and one shareholder (director and shareholder can be the same person). It also must have an address in the UK where the government can send correspondence to the company.

What is the minimum capital requirement for UK limited companies

There is no minimum capital requirement, however at least one share must be issued on incorporation. The initial share capital can be as little as £1.

What taxes do companies pay in the UK

Limited companies are subject to corporation tax of %19 on their net profits (sales minus all allowable expenses).

After forming my company what are the legal requirements to keep my company in good standing

Each limited company must submit the following on yearly basis:

  1. Annual financial statements with Companies House (Companies registrar in the UK)
  2. Annual company’s tax return with the tax authority in the UK (HM Revenue and Customs).
  3. Annual confirmation statement with Companies House which is a statement confirming any changes of share capital, directors and or shareholders.

The above is the absolute minimum for UK limited companies, including inactive companies.

Additionally, for companies that are VAT registered. A VAT return must be filed with HM Revenue and Customs on quarterly basis.

For companies that have employees based in the UK, payroll filing is required on monthly basis.

Who should consider setting up a UK company
  • Investors
  • Property owners
  • E-commerce
  • Traders
  • Expats
Do I need to register my company for Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • A company must register for VAT when its turnover goes over £85,000. Being VAT registered means you will need to charge VAT on your sales but you will also be able to claim back VAT paid on your expenses
  • A company can choose to register voluntary for VAT, if required. Depending on your type of business, this can result in cost savings
Can I use my company to obtain residency in the UK

Setting up a company in the UK doesn’t on its own entitle you to a certain residency status, however it may ultimately facilitate it. Clients who wish to obtain residency in the UK most commonly choose one of the following immigration routes. All information regarding each type of visa is available on the UK government website (links are provided below)

Our Package, Pricing and Additional Services

Commonly asked questions in relation to our package, pricing and additional services

What documentations do I need to provide to form my Company

As per our registration form for each director and shareholder we require the followings:

  • Valid copy of your passport
  • Proof of address dated within the last three months ( such as bank statements, utility bill, or official governmental correspondence)

Your documentation can be uploaded using our secure platform as part of your registration form.


How is Fabaci’s formation package designed? and how it differs to other firms

Our package is designed to provide you with everything needed to form your company and meet all legal, yearly accounting and tax requirement.

It is compulsory for all UK companies (including inactive / dormant companies) to file their financial statements, company tax return and confirmation statement on yearly basis.

Since one of our core values is transparent pricing (no hidden extras). We thoroughly designed our package to ensure that you are aware of all requirements and to enable you to exactly estimate all fees associated with your company formation as well as the on-going maintenance of the company.


How long does it take to set up your company

We aim to set up your company within 48 hours from the time your company’s application form together with all required supporting documents are provided.

One of our consultants will review your application and documents to ensure they are all in order before forming your company. In case we have any questions or further requirements we will aim to contact you within 24 hours.

You can start trading using your company name as soon as your company is registered.

How about banking

Our package includes the set up of digital banking, providing you with business bank account details.

Digital banking allows you to open a bank account without the need to physically be in the UK.

Our bank partner is regulated by the FCA  (Financial Conduct Authority) which is the regulatory body for all banks in the UK.

You can make and receive payments online. You can receive payments in Euros from all countries (except those on the sanction list).



How long does it take to open a business bank account

Once the company is incorporated, we proceed with setting up your business bank account (subject to the bank approval). The process usually takes around 48 business hours however this could take longer subject to the checks performed by the bank.

How can I use my company’s address

Your company’s address is a physical address located in the heart of London (not a mail forwarding box).

It can be used to receive any correspondence relating to the company. Your account manage will then scan your letters and send you scanned copy by email.

What if the company name is not available

If your proposed company name is not available on Companies House (already taken). We will contact you and request a new name

Is there any additional costs that I should be aware of

No. Our package includes everything needed for the set up and maintenance of a trading company.

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