Director and Shareholder

We provide professional and reliable nominee services to individuals and businesses who require additional privacy and confidentiality for their company operations.

A nominee director and shareholder is a person or company that is appointed to act as a director or shareholder on behalf of another person or company. The nominee’s name is listed on official company documents, but they have no real control or ownership of the company.

A nominee service director allows the client to appoint a professional director to act on their behalf. The appointed director will appear on the company’s register. Clients may choose this service where they would like to keep their information confidential. A nominee service agreement is signed between the client (ultimate beneficial owner) and the director to guarantee that the director only acts upon the client’s instructions. Our directors are all qualified chartered certified accountants which ensure that they comply with a very high ethical standard. Fabaci only accepts appointments after conducting a due diligence review.

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses may choose to use a nominee director and shareholder, including

Local Resident UK Director

Although in most regions it is not a Government requirement to have a local resident director, there are many occasions where it is practical to appoint a local resident as a director of the company. We provide British residents to fulfil this role.

Privacy and confidentiality

The basic function of the Nominee is to shield working executives of Limited and other companies from the public disclosure requirements that exist in many jurisdictions. It is a perfectly legal device which preserves the privacy of an individual. It serves a person who would rather not disclose their interest with a company.

Yes, it is legal to use a nominee director and shareholder, as long as the nominee is acting in accordance with the law and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction. Our nominees are experienced professionals who understand the legal requirements and will act in your best interests at all times.

Please note that our nominee services are only available to individuals and businesses who meet our eligibility requirements. Contact us for more information on how to appoint a nominee director and shareholder or to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Appointment of nominee director and shareholder: We will appoint a professional nominee director and shareholder to act on your behalf.
  • Drafting and executing legal binding documents to formalise the appointment of the director and shareholder