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At Fabaci Financial UK, we specialize in assisting clients who are seeking investment licenses in Saudi Arabia through the registration of a foreign company in the UK. With our expertise and experience spanning nearly two decades in UK laws and regulations, we have helped numerous clients obtain their investment licenses since early 2022.

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Setting up the UK Structure

We ensure that your UK entity meets all the criteria necessary for investment in Saudi Arabia.

Preparing Required Financial Statements

Our team will handle the preparation of the necessary financial statements for your UK entity.

Legalization Process

We take care of legalizing your company's commercial registration and financial statements with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in London.

Ongoing Compliance

Beyond obtaining the investment license, we ensure that your UK entity remains in good standing and fully compliant with UK laws and regulations.

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All our packages include unlimited support and advice and we never have any hidden extras. We work with fixed fees, so you always know what you will be paying upfront. Our all inclusive packages, support, expertise can’t be beaten by any other firm in the market.

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Every business is different and unique, and that is why here at Fabaci we invest our time in getting to know you and your business. We pride ourselves on building long-term and lasting relationships with all our clients.

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Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of UK laws and regulations..

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We understand the unique needs of each client and provide customized solutions to meet their requirements.

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful outcomes, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for clients seeking investment licensing in Saudi Arabia.

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Types of Companies Eligible for Investment Licensing

All licenses are issued based on the principles of fairness and equality, ensuring that foreign investors enjoy the same rights and obligations as local investors.

The process of obtaining an investment license requires only two essential documents:
1.Commercial registration copy of the company in its home country, authenticated by the Saudi embassy.
2. Financial statements of the foreign company for the last fiscal year, prepared by a globally recognized legal office and authenticated by the Saudi embassy.
Additional documents may be required based on the company’s activity and the type of license sought.

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