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We helped many small businesses, contractors, freelancers, sole traders, and landlords and we can help you too. All our packages are priced at a competitive rate and designed to provide you with everything you need.

Specialist Accountants for
Limited Companies

The vast majority of our clients choose to operate through Limited Companies because of the various benefits that the company brings versus trading as a sole trader or partnership. However, running a limited company can also be burdensome with the several legal …

Specialist Accountants for
Contractors and Freelancers 

We understand that running your own business can be very time-consuming. Our packages are tailored to provide a stress-free solution for all your accounting and tax requirements. Here at Fabaci, we have designed our packages to ensure that you and your business meet all

Specialist Accountants for
Buy To Let

Our client base varies between experienced landlords and property developers with a large portfolio under their belt, to first-time buyers. Whichever point you are at, we are here to back you up, we will not only take care of all your tax .. 

Specialist Accountants for
Sole traders

It is common for people to take the sole trader’s route when beginning to trade because of its simplicity and apposition to trading through a limited company. However, this route can be more beneficial only up to a certain level of profits. We will take care of your ….

Specialist Accountants for

Starting your own business can be exciting and fulfilling but it can also be overwhelming. We will support you from the very beginning. The Step-by-Step approach we take to support start-ups ensures that you have all you need to operate in the most efficient, tax-saving way ..